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Undesirable appointments blocking

Setting up the restrictions to prevent aggressive competition and unscrupulous customers. Automate adding to a blacklist or blocking an online appointment.

  1. Blocking simultaneous appointments to different employees

  2. Warning when you make a repeat appointment in the selected period

  3. Restrictions on visiting the same employee

  4. Appointment restrictions to the same service

  5. Appointment conditions according to the source

Automatic blocking

Automate blocking of online appointment making with a warning or blacklist. Administrator's warning in case of blocking rules, with the ability to write freely if necessary.


Quick inclusion of the client in the list for the selected period with automatic unlocking. Customer categories are an easy way to track the reliability of your visitors.

up to 62%

Customers are registered online after setup the form


Support service is available in messengers and email.


The version is available for work, no contrived restrictions

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