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Discounts and promotions

Organization of a loyalty program for customers and special offers

Automatic promotions

Planning promotions or special offers of the company. Different types of discount activation will cover all your needs.

  • Cumulative discount
  • Specific visit
  • Multiple visit
  • Number of visits
  • Fixed discount
  • Amount in check

Discount Administrator

A special extension will allow you to show recommended discounts for the customer. Your employees will not forget to report the client about promotional offers available or describe the current state of his accumulation program.

Special view in online registration

Your own form for client bookings on the site and on social networks. New customers can always sign up for the company's services 24/7

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up to 62%

Customers are registered online after setup the form


Support service is available in messengers and email.


The version is available for work, no contrived restrictions

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